The City Museum has been headquartered since 1989 in the Palace of the Marqués de Campo, located in Plaza del Arqueobispo, in the historic center of the city. Original building of the seventeenth century, it was extended and remodeled in the mid-nineteenth century by Mr. José Campo y Pérez (Valencia, 1817 – Madrid, 1889), memorable mayor of the city and future Marquis of Campo. The building is an interesting example of Valencian stately architecture and was declared an Asset of Local Relevance in 1973; moving to the category of BIC (Asset of Cultural Interest) in October 2007. Of monumental port, Baroque survivals coexist in it, visible in the ornamental details of the main façade, the courtyard or the staircase covered with a slender dome decorated by striking sgraffito, and the classicist eclecticism of the main body of the façade, designed by the master builder Manuel Ferrando.

In 1973, the building, then owned by the Counts of Berbedel, was acquired by the Valencia City Council in order to house the municipal artistic collections and other collections of interest.

Indeed, the Museum exhibits in its various rooms interesting collections of a historical, artistic, archaeological and ethnographic nature, all of them belonging to the municipal heritage and linked, directly or indirectly, to the sociocultural development of the City. To highlight, the set of paintings consisting, for the most part, of works by Valencian artists representative of a long period of time that covers from the s. XV today, so it is characterized by a wide variety of themes, styles, authors and trends. Other artistic collections such as sculpture, engraving, weights and measurements, artistic locksmithing, furniture, complement the interest that the visit to the City Museum has for Valencians and for those who, coming from other places, are interested in our culture. The museum has temporary exhibition rooms dedicated, fundamentally, to historical-artistic subjects of social interest. It also has an assembly hall where different cultural events are held throughout the year. The information of all its activities can be consulted in the pages of the Agenda of the municipal website.

Dades bàsiques


- Tuesday to Saturday: from 10am to 7pm.
- Sunday and public holidays: from 10 am to 2 pm.
- Monday: CLOSED.

- The museum will be CLOSED on January 1st and 6th, May 1st and December 25th.


Single ticket: € 2 / Sundays and holidays: Free

Reduced rate. Price: 1 euro.
- Groups (> 10 people).
- Students of formal training.
- People over 65 and pensioners.
- Members of large and single-parent families.
- Carnet Jove holders or similar issued by authorised Spanish or European institutions.

The visit will be free on May 18 (International Museum Day)

They will also enjoy the free rate:
- Under sixteen years of age.
- People at risk of social exclusion who can prove it.
- School groups with their teacher.
- People legally unemployed.
- Duly accredited teaching staff.
- Professionals from the following entities, with accreditation:
- Academy of Fine Arts and Sciences
- Association of Cultural Managers
- Association of Art Critics
- Official guides with accreditation issued by the Ministry of Tourism.
- People with disabilities, duly accredited, as well as the person accompanying them, provided that this is essential for them to make their visit.
- People at risk of exclusion
- Valencia Card, Valencia Cruise Card and Discount Card holders.


Plaza del Arqueobispo, 3
46003 Valencia


Bus: 4, 6, 8, 9, 11, 16, 28, 36, 70 and 71

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Email: - Phone: 962 084 126