This silk factory, founded in 1836 by the French businessman Santiago L. Dupuy, is located at c/Assagador dels Monges, núm. 10 and was popularly known as “the Batifora“.

It is a large building with a rectangular floor plan and two floors with a roof of wooden ribbons and gabled tiles. The sequence of openings, which on the upper floor reaches the number of 24 windows, was intended to make maximum use of sunlight from the dawn of the day.

The factories on the walls of this old silk shop show two different types of construction. While the ground floor was built with solid masonry walls and tiled verdigadas, the upper floor is tiled walls.

This building, due to its structural and business conception, is among the first examples of the city of Valencia that can be classified as industrial and refers to architectural models common in other European regions (England, France...) where the weight of industrialization was more important than that of Spain in the first third of the nineteenth century.

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Assagador Street
46930, Valencia