The Marxalenes Park highlights farmsteads and industrial buildings linked to transport that have survived to this day.
When designing the park, we wanted to take advantage of the presence of these buildings, integrating them, returning them to their meaning and recovering them for a new use.

Among these buildings is the first metropolitan railway station at the end of the last century and its old depots.
The conservation of the Cotxeres helps to preserve the archaeological heritage of the buildings linked to the world of transport and, in turn, allows to rescue the landscape and historical value of the place. Taking advantage of its interior space to house another use, as in this case, a museum installation on the history of the Metropolitan Railway of the city of Valencia and its Metropolitan Area, and incorporating a small cafeteria and services for the Park.

Currently, temporarily as long as its definitive headquarters are rehabilitated in the neighboring building of El Setrill, a section of the social dining room of Marxalenes is installed.

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Marxalenes, Calle de San Pancraz & Calle de Luis Crumiere,
46009 Valencia