The building that is preserved today was the chalet-office of the owners of the industrial complex that has been demolished. It is an isolated building with a double T-shaped floor plan, two heights, attic, load-bearing wall structure and two-sided roof. The four facades are identical in composition and hollows, although the main one is the one with the entrances. The hollows are framed by stone semicircular arches, as well as jambs. Elements very typical of mountain architecture.

Currently, the offices of the autonomous municipal body unique parks and gardens and the Municipal School of Floral Art are located.

The Valencian School of FloralArt permanently analyzes market trends and when appropriate integrates them into the training given to students, without forgetting at any time what this activity should be: the expression of an entire Art. To do this, it provides multidisciplinary training that covers both basic subjects (technical and artistic drawing, art history...) and applied subjects (floral materials and arrangements, ikebana-Japanese floral art, floriculture and ornamental production...), which allows students to address from classic works of a traditional nature, typical of the usual florist, to more innovative works, Reflection of the latest trends in the international professional world.

Dades bàsiques


Calle Antonio Suárez, 7