This refuge , and it must be assumed that the other two located in the garden area of Gran Via Marqués del Turia, belong to the vaulted model, with two ramp entrances located at opposite ends of about 9.16 m. long and 2.19 m wide. The floor plan of the building is elongated (22 m. long by 7 m. wide). It has two vaulted rooms of about 3 m. of height with attached benches throughout its perimeter. It is completely buried, below the current level of the road. In 2007 access was gained due to the works on T2 of the metro, the layout of which cut off part of one of the entrance ramps. Its state of conservation is good and preserves part of the machinery for the renewal of the air, as well as blue paint on some walls and lines forming a false cutting of ashlars.

This shelter was temporarily used after the war as the parish of Sant Andrés. With this moment it is necessary to relate a niche to place some figure or object related to the church. The shelter has been preserved under the roadway.

The other two shelters located in the central gardens of Gran Via Marqués del Turia are also buried below the current level of the garden.

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Gran Vía del Marqués del Turia
46005 Valencia