The tangles of the Port of Valencia were built in 1914 by engineers José María Fuster and Fausto Élio. They formed part of the Port of Valencia Expansion and Improvement Plan, which aimed to relaunch the port of this city as an exporting power.


The Shed No. 2 of the Marina de Valencia is one of the tangles that are preserved today, of the six that were built at the beginning. It is located next to the clock building of the Port of Valencia.

It was built in a Valencian modernist style, with a metal structure and modernist ornamentation in which we discover marine motifs, ceramics with Valencian themes... At the time the construction of these entanglements came to symbolize progress and modernity.

During the years of the Civil War they were bombed and had to be restored, although the flood of 1957 again damaged them. They were declared Assets of Local Significance of the city.

Specifically, Cobert 2 was used in the 90s to celebrate music festivals and has always been a space for social activity for the residents of the Marítim neighborhood. It has also been used by young people who practice acrobatics with their skateboards.

Unlike 4 and 5 this old port warehouse it was not used for the Formula 1 Grand Prix which was held in Valencia between 2008 and 2012, due to being deteriorated, and had to be closed to the public to prevent a detachment from causing a tragedy.

Finally, we invested in its restoration, to recover this historic building, carrying out interventions on the structure, coatings, decoration, carpentry, glass, etc.

The project, framed within the recovery plan of the Marina de València, includes the rehabilitation of the environment of this tangle, an intervention on an area of 12,250 square meters. Thus, it is planned to have a large square with trees, the open square of the maritime villages, shaded, sports and recreational areas.

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Valencia Marina, Moll de Ponent
46024 Valencia