Between 6 and 22 September, archaeological work was carried out at the Civil War air-raid shelter in Massarrojos. These works consisted of documenting the shelter with the study of construction techniques and materials, as well as topographic survey with photogrammetry by scanning and 3D modeling.

To do this, the debris was first cleared and cleaned of the shelter, recovering the building materials that could be used in a future rehabilitation, as well as those other archaeological remains present among the rubble.

The City Council of Valencia has begun with these documentation works the preliminary studies for a future project of recovery and enhancement.
The refuge is excavated in the rocky subsoil as a long gallery about 125 m long, with accesses at each end. It is an unfinished work.

Currently the original entrances are blinded, being accessed provisionally through a vertical well practiced on the roof very close to one of the original accesses that opened to Benet Bosch street, the other entrance would be in the current Plaza del Somiador.

The accesses to the gallery are through ramps with steps, with a first wide section with a lintel roof with reinforced concrete slab and beams, which leads to a second section with a roof surrounded by tiles. Once the ramp with steps is finished, the gallery begins with an average width of 180 cm and a height of 210 cm. The walls are clad in tiled wall and plastered with cement. The roof is the same rock, except in some specific section that appears covered with a tiled vault.

On either side of the gallery there is an attached tiled bench. On one side of the gallery, the ventilation system was designed by means of hollow columns in the tiled wall as chimneys connected to each other through the attached bench, empty, and with small openings through which the air circulated through forced ventilation. The floor of the gallery has a section with a cement floor.

On one side there are small rooms or spaces that break the monotony of the narrow tunnel. One of them, probably intended as an infirmary, next to a well dug into the rock as a black well and where it would be planned to place the toilets.

The other, with similar characteristics, has a circular opening of 35 cm in one of its walls that corresponds to a concrete tube that would communicate with the outside as a respirator. This room would house the forced ventilation system.

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El Soñador Square
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