The Trinity Bridge is the oldest in the city. It was built between 1401 and 1407 in Gothic style by Matthew Texidor. It was also the first made of ashlar stone when it replaced the previous wooden bridge, although after the flood of 1517 it had to be partially rebuilt again.

It gets its name from its proximity to the Royal Monastery of the Holy Trinity, which is located a few meters away from its northern part.

It has a length of 158.31 meters and has 10 large pointed arches in Gothic style, as well as two stairs to go down and climb the bed of the river that were unused for quite some time until they were restored a few years ago.

The statues in charge of adorning the mansions, representing San Luis Bertrán and Santo Tomás de Villanueva, are by the Italian sculptor Jacobo Antonio Ponzanelli and were made at the end of the s. XVII. Until 1906 they were on the San Jose Bridge.

These statues replaced the old mansions adorned with the figures of the patrons of Alzira, Bernat and the sisters Maria and Gracia, which were seriously damaged during the War of Independence.

The northern part of the bridge communicates with Alboraia street, the Museum of Fine Arts and the Royal Gardens, while its southern part takes us to the historic center of the city. It is considered a Site of Local Relevance.

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Trinity Bridge
46003 Valencia