The site plan is preserved, rectangular floor plan with double entrance, 2 wc. In the section you can see two vaulted galleries with running benches. The longitudinal section shows 6 arches.

It is currently located under the courtyard of the Trinitàries school, with an access through a trapdoor on the ground and is used as a warehouse. The benches with tile-clad seats and a ridge topped by wooden screens are preserved intact. The floor is concrete, simply ruled on the ramps and with cement finish
with simulated cutting in the rest. The ventilation system retains the duct grilles and a couple of chimneys that manifest themselves outside, although there are no signs of extraction fans. The electrical installation is of recent invoice.

Construction period: from March 1938 to March 1939.
Managing architect: José L. Testor Gómez
Capacity: 800 children

Dades bàsiques


Calle de la Visitación, 15, 46009 Valencia