The project is from September 1938. It has a rectangular floor plan with
entrances on opposite sides. It has three galleries, covered by two vaults just 10 meters long and 5.5 meters wide at its base. The preserved plan also contemplates the truss plant of the upper slab and that of the ventilation installation, being the Xerri and Bonora ventilation project.

Located in the garden of the building, it has been conditioned for changing rooms and dependencies of the school of the Gran Associació, home of the Virgen de los Desamparados, which maintains it today. It presents the particularity with respect to the other school shelters of not being buried and being protected by an upper floor. It seems that the construction was carried out inside the existing building, next to the Salón de Racionistas, designed by Joaquín Mª Arnau in 1880, preserving the rest of the configuration of the whole.

Its current appearance, completely remodeled for different functions, does not allow to know in detail the characteristics of coatings and finishes of the original construction.

Architect: Antonio Gómez Davó
Capacity: 300 people

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Calle del Pare d'Orfens, 3, 46003 Valencia