It was designed by the architect Luis Ferreres Soler in 1895, in a context of concern about the provision of hygienic and public health measures that resulted in the prohibition of placing unhealthy activities within the city. Because of this, it was built on the outskirts of the city, on the old road to Madrid, in the vicinity of the Rovella irrigation canal, which favored its flood cleaning. The works were completed in 1902. It was considered the best slaughterhouse in Spain, occupying an area of about 12,875 m².

It consists of a set of industrial buildings organized symmetrically, within the possibilities allowed by the irregularity of the plot, and closed by a fence. At the time, it had three warehouses perpendicular to the main façade, where the entrance was located, and three slaughter barns parallel to the façade for the different types of livestock: cattle, sheep-goats, and pigs.

Of simple composition and sparse ornamentation, given its use, stylistically it uses a fairly austere rationalist language with some modernist references. The walls, without cladding, are of exposed tile and masonry with tiled nails on ashlar plinth, and in them there are large windows that facilitate the ventilation and lighting of the rooms. On the tiled roof, gabled, there are also large longitudinal skylights that reinforce the lighting. The structure is made of cast iron pillars and metal lattices and integrates the structures and handling systems of the cattle.

The entire factory is carefully executed and elegant. The scarce decoration is concentrated in the access body, reducing in the rest to the contrast between its materials. The original façade was altered in 1940 to allow the passage of trucks. In 1969, the slaughterhouse was closed. Currently, the complex has been converted into a sports and cultural complex dependent on the Valencia City Council, adapting the old warehouses to the uses of library, assembly hall, gymnasium, sports center, etc., and adding two new volumes (residence for elite athletes and swimming pool).

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Calle de la Petxina, 42
46008 Valencia