The building is of great interest and of great beauty. It is a construction that despite having had profound transformations throughout its existence, these seem to have favored rather than harmed its survival, and its conservation, since the population of Valencia experienced a constant growth in the late nineteenth century, which made necessary a space to exchange seafood.

Located in front of the Malvarrosa beach, which traditionally served for the arrival of small fishing boats.

What was intended in terms of space was that it should be large, that it would accommodate and unify the exchange of the commodity. It is an elongated space with two monumental entrances, which today overlook Columbrets and Pescadors streets.

The walls of this central space, of exposed brick like the rest of the construction, is articulated with simple pilasters of the same material as the walls and with two windows, above and below.

These windows, like the ones outside, look original. The pilasters mentioned above are topped with a small architrave
with tile that supports a wooden truss to support the wide interior support, with flat tiles with a certain resemblance to the flamingo.

On the outside the doors are staggered with mixed pediment but simple with porthole. The two floors of the rest of the façade thus covered with a medium arch with imitation voussoir type and ashlar around the door, and the only material used is tile. The other four doors are much more similar and narrower than the lateral ones, which face Homes del Mar and Eugenia Viñas streets. The rest of the façade leaves for decoration a
frieze in the summit part.

The function of the fish market was maintained until the Civil War, after which it was used as a prison, before the construction of the New Fish Market, on one of the docks of the Inner Basin of the Port of Valencia.

Later the body of the room was converted into private homes until reaching a total of 41 owners, which are developed in a long of two floors. Previously these homes had been for fishermen. They used the inner courtyard as their own space.

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Plaza Homes del Mar,
46011 Valencia