With a construction period from May 6, 1938 to March 23, 1939, it is the one with the highest capacity of the currently existing ones. Its original access has been modified with the elimination of the ramps and the current access is made by means of a staircase possibly made during the remodeling of the institute in the 70s of the last century. The building consists of 4 vaulted galleries that occupy a rectangle of 13.78 X 33.50, not counting the space occupied by the ramps. The vaults have a diameter of 2.67 m. leaving a space of 1 meter between them. The seat benches have been removed, possibly because it would be used as a warehouse at some point.

In the reforms carried out, the walls have been plastered and painted. Sometimes cultural events are held there.

Chief architect: Sr. José L. Testor Gómez.
Valencian Construction Company UGT
The project is not preserved.

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San Pablo Street, 10,
46002 Valencia