The date of the project January 1938. The shelter consists of two parts. The main one is the body of the two naves in which you can see 7 pillars that mark 6 steps between them, with benches running with wooden screens and a border in blue that draws the meeting of the vaults; The other is the access ramps whose roof is a reinforced slab approximately 1.50 meters thick. On top of this body is the shock damping system composed of two layers of 20 centimeters each, the first of sand and the second formed by a concrete flooring that coincides with the old flooring of the entire courtyard. It retains the machinery of the air renewal system with its manually operated wheel.

The capacity is 1,000 children as can be seen on one of the blue signs preserved in the shelter. Another preserved inscription reads: "MOVE AWAY FROM THIS DOOR ONE METER TO FACILITATE THE ENTRY OF AIR."

At the end of the Civil War, and on a date that we do not know, its accesses were sealed and a concrete flooring was built over the courtyard, without any type of registration that allowed entry, which is why it has remained hidden until the beginning of the works of adaptation of the College.

After the works in 2003, it has remained under the floor of the schoolyard and a trapdoor was arranged through which, by means of a metal staircase, you can access the refuge.

Managing architect: Luis Costa Serrà
Capacity: 1 000 children

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Calle del Mestre Aguilar, 15,
46004 Valencia