During the Middle Ages, wood artisans were very important social agents for the use of this raw material for the construction of houses, boats, tools and the vast majority of containers and objects of daily use.

In Valencia, the River Turia represented a direct route of arrival of wood from the mountainous regions of Cuenca, Teruel or Ademuz and, after the Christian conquest of the old Kingdom, one of the first guilds of carpenters was created. In fact, on January 17, 1.242, the Distribution Book already assigned to the master carpenter Guillem Francolí two workshops in front of the Church of San Martín in Valencia, a parish where workshops of other wood craftsmen were installed and it became a guild headquarters until 1,479, when the Valencian wood craftsmen themselves raised the Balmes Palace for the meetings of the “Carpenters’ Brotherhood and Trade”.

In 1.774 the ordinances of the Carpenters' Guild were renewed by means of a Royal Certificate of the Council of Castile and the 60 carpenters of the guild of Valencia rebuilt the old palace on Balmes street, each of them elaborating the 60 drawers of the coffered ceiling that decorates its ceilings, as well as other wooden elements that are still preserved in the building, Well, it occupies an old building, which throughout its history has undergone multiple transformations.

The first reference we have is that a hermitage was built in that place already in the s. XV, the building was extended and transformed over centuries, building two floors for housing. Already in the s. XX, the Carpenters' Guild founds a school, preserving a chapel of the nineteenth century

The building consists of a ground floor and two floors. The building has a rectangular floor plan with access through the lobby. Access to the main floor, where the guild's meeting room and a chapel were located.

On the second floor is the rectangular Meeting Room, 8 x 20 meters.

It is currently used for holding cultural activities and events, public or private.

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Palau de Balmes Street, 29
46003 Valencia

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