For several years, the Diocesan Archive of Valencia has been providing researchers with access to the study of its collections. Following ecclesiastical legislation, it wants to be open and accessible to the public.

And despite the loss of its rich documentary heritage in 1936-39, which destroyed part of what was generated for more than seven centuries, what could be saved is already catalogued and ready for study in the Consultation Room of this Diocesan Archive.

The Diocesan Archive of Valencia has the peculiarity, for the reasons indicated above, that most of its sections are from after 1939, so the documents still preserve administrative scope and are not available for historical research.

The respective historical collections of the parish archives are part of the “Historical Collection“, transferred to the Diocesan Archive and preserved here as a deposit (the property continues to belong to the parishes). All of them are photodigitized and, also gradually, available to the researcher in the network. Also online the scholar can consult the different historical collections of the parish archives that, for various reasons, have not yet been transferred to the Diocesan Archive.

Cathedral Archive
From the Sacristy, a staircase provides access to the Cathedral Library Archive, which occupies two floors above the Old Sacristy and the current Chapterhouse.

It contains the archive, binders, scrolls, papal bulls, royal and notarial documents, cathedral constitutions, chapter deliberations, letters and offices.

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