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This October, at the Teatre Micalet…

From 5 to 8 October
Joan Miquel Reig and Emili Chaqués (L’Últim Toc Teatre)

This is the life of one of the geniuses of Art History. A personality who had to face both his own ghosts and a world that never understood him. And everything, to be able to do what he did vitally: paint.
“A play that allows us to walk through the mind and paintings of Vincent van Gogh”.


October 11

Rafa Xambó presents the album “Última cançons” and says goodbye to the stage.
In his latest work, Rafa Xambó music and texts by Vicent Andrès Estellés, Hannah Arendt, Fina Cardona-Bosch, Maria Josep Escrivà, Àngels Gregori, Maria-Mercè Marçal, Txema Martínez and Teresa Pascual. In addition to the premiere of this last album, the ninth in his discography, he will review the songs of all his works.


From 14 to 15 October
Aina de Cos (Somni Produccions)

Laura is past forty, doesn’t have many aspirations and wants a quiet life. It’s her birthday night and she’s invited her friends. They haven’t seen each other in a while. It all points to a memorable night… And it will be, but for reasons very different from what I had imagined. It will be a night they will remember for the rest of their lives.

Prepositions speak of harassment and abuse of power. But it also speaks of friendship, of the passage of time, of five real women who share a common past and are building, each as they can, their path to professional and personal fulfillment, each with their own background. Prepositions exist because what is not shared, seems not to have happened.


14 October at 22:30 h
Pintoresque Sisters and Liz Dust

The Painter Sisters return to the Teatro Micalet, and this time accompanied by the great Liz Dust. To the burrera of these two well-known Valencian artists will be added the elegance, comedy and voice of one of the drag artists with more trajectory in the city of Valencia. For the first time together on stage, we will try to find the common ground of the irreverent and explosive drag of the Picturesque Sisters and the most classic and delicate part that characterizes Liz Dust.


From 19 to 22 October
Àlex Cantó, Joan Collado, Jesús Muñoz and Pau Pons (Pont Flotant)

The air turns cold and the sky begins to darken. They say some dogs howl and bees crowd past the entrance to their hives. Some sparrows fly confused. Time stops. Everything is silent. It’s all dark. Everything suspended… without knowing what will happen… with the feeling that we could always stay in this infinite night… But a few seconds later, maybe a few minutes, or it could be years, generations, millennia or eons of existence, the day comes again. A deep emotion invades us and we feel the privilege of having witnessed an incomprehensible fact. We attended the dress rehearsal for a possible ending.


27 and 28 October
Ferran JoanMiquel (The Mercantile)

Jorge is a high school teacher with a dark past. He arrives at a new center to make a replacement, and as soon as he starts, he makes it clear that he has an unconventional way of teaching his classes, which leads to a series of differences with the management team of the center. The atmosphere of the high school is charged. Jorge makes his colleagues question their own work. The shadow of his past splashes everything around him and begins to project dangerously onto one of his students. In the midst of it all, the institute explodes: the unthinkable happens.


More information and tickets to http://teatremicalet.org/programacio/