The Book of Memoirs of the City of Valencia (1308-1644)

Based on manuscript 78 of the Archive of the Royal Convent of Preachers of Valencia, this volume contains the critical edition of the Book of Memoirs of the City of Valencia, a fundamental piece of Valencian memorialistic literature. In addition to contextualizing the work from the historical, cultural and literary aspects, it approaches the different authors who may have intervened and studies the large number of manuscripts related to their tradition that can be located today. Finally, a linguistic study is carried out that brings us closer to the language model used in the Book of Memoirs. With this work, then, Vicent J. Escartí and Josep Ribera, with the collaboration of the Valencia City Council, make available to everyone a major work on the memory of the Valencian people, which contains information from the fourteenth to the seventeenth centuries and, therefore, includes practically the entire Valencian Foral Period.

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Vicent Josep Escartí and Josep Ribera Ribera
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History, Literature, Studies and research