The Black Tavern

Isabel de Villena Award – XXXVI City of Valencia Awards

Andreu Faraig is sent to the Americas as permanent delegate of the Galiana house by order of its owner, Don Gaspar Galiana by order of its owner, Don Gaspar Galiana de Serafina. Thus, he is forced to leave the Valencian lands and move away from his mother and sister, his only family. But his new destiny separates him, moreover, from Eleanor Galiana, his young beloved. Forced to carry out an attack he preferred to avoid, he soon discovers that the cargo of the Santa Marta, the schooner on which he embarks and which he has sworn to watch, is not only made up of fabrics and textiles, as expected, but also includes a large group of men and women from Africa, ready to be sold as slaves. Andreu Faraig will fight against all this.

In the taverna del Negre, Jesús Moncho presents a story set in the career of nineteenth-century America, from the lands of Valencia, in which we are also told the curious origin of the chocolate translation of the town.

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Jesus Moncho
Ed. Joke
Literature, Narrative