Large industrial warehouse, with warehouse destination. It was part of a larger complex in relation to other manufacturing facilities on Carrer dels Ferros.

The current Felipe Salvador street previously only existed as an access to this complex.

The wide nave (28 x 38 m.) is a diaphanous space of two heights with a two-sided roof on English-type trusses. The factory is of tile, very severe of classicist court with long gaps with semicircular arches, also of chained tile.

On the ground floor, gaps of greater amplitude and height are interspersed with other minors. Upstairs they are all the same setting a repetitive rhythm. Many of these gaps have now been blinded. At the end of the circular nave made with laborious tile work.

The strong cornice creates a cubic volume in the nave. It is currently the CEEMMENTALIA PUENTO Medical Center.

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Calle de los Hierros, 9-7
46022 Valencia