Located in one of the largest blocks of the first Eixample, it is one of the most important pieces of modernism in Valencia. Its construction began in 1914.

Designed by Francisco Mora Berenguer It provides as a novelty in this type of markets its open character, which allows the view through it producing a pleasant feeling of diaphanousness and transparency, perceptible fundamentally in its largest sides, which undoubtedly constitutes an original and appreciable success. The metal structure on cast iron pillars is framed by two powerful brick ends, perforated by imposing arches, in which there is a brilliant ornamental use of various materials, mainly stone and mosaic, forming a unique composition.

Dades bàsiques


The generic opening hours of the center are from 7 in the morning to 1.30 in the morning, although each place has its own schedule


Jorge Juan Street, 19
46004 Valencia
E-mail: info@mercadocolon.es