Apollo was considered the son of Zeus and Leto. In the Homeric dedication he was above all god of prophecy, his most important oracle being at Delphi, where he emerged victorious from the battle against Python. He used to bestow the gift of prophecy on those mortals he considered gifted musicians who delighted the gods by playing the lyre, he was also a good archer and fast athlete, credited with having been the winner of the Olympic games. His sister Artemis was the guardian of women while Apollo protected men in a special way. He was also God of agriculture and beasts, and taught humans the art of medicine.

The statue is made of marble by Ponzanelli in the eighteenth century. At first it was placed in La Glorieta in 1818 from the Huerto de Pontons to pass in 1925 to Jardins del Real and finally it was moved a few years ago to the courtyard of the City Museum.

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City Museum
Plaza del Arqueobispo, 3
46003 Valencia